Hair System is very popular throughout part of southeast Asia, Europe, and USA, thus old days you would have to rely on wigs which is heavy and not so practical and lack natural looking but that’s done away with is the new era now. Some of the very well known Hollywood stars are using Hair replacement system. Now days people have to keep up with the fashion and look sharp at all time weather you are young, old, men or women.
A System to help solve those who has problem of hair thinning or very little hair and does not like the idea of hair transplant. Those who wants to look young and have a very fast result at a little cost compare to the commercial medicine, vitamin and so forth that you don’t even know for sure if is going to work but have to lost lots of money just to try it out. Hair Replacement System has come a long way of perfecting the technology to the most perfection.


Monofilament System

Material of a wider knit base to allow more of air flow.

Fish Net System

This base is for people who still have some hair on top, but would like to add a little, or a lot, to what they already have. It requires yuou to pull the existing hair through the holes in the mesh every time you put it on.

Lace Front System

New York lace ( Super Welded Monofilament ) with 1" New York lace front and 1" poly coated perimeter. Single hair front knotting with a naturally staggered front hair line. Hair line is parted according to your specification.

Super Monofilament System

Super fine net highly popular and high durability.

Clear Base (Super Micro Thin Clear Polyurethane)

Clear base type see through very natural looking, very light and specially designed to have good ventilation.
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