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Hair system that’s good

Materials that is being use for hair system now days has improve tremendously (base) being able to make the base thin, clear,  light weight, smooth texture but very strong flexible so that can fit perfectly smooth on to the head.

Different type of base is available suitable for each individual depending on the needs and pricing.Monofilament and Polyurethane material which is use to look alike human skin to give you the natural look.

There is a different base color selection with non cotton mixture to provent  take in moisture which can produce humid like odor.

Cloth like base should not be use since it takes in lots of moisture hard to clean.Being able to choose your size, and color to your fit. Since it is real hair can be blow dry, set, dye, and comb to your liking.

All hair style can be done, curly, wave, frizzy, or strait all can be done. Hair direction can also be made to the style of growth to which ever you prefer.
What is Good Hair System?

Now days in the world of hair system  there has been new technology that come in to play to give you the most natural looking ( base ).

Monofilament and Polyurethane which is use to copy the real skin like and feeling look is the hotest in the market.  These materials can be made to match the color of your real skin.

Not like the old method of which has a mixture of cotton to absorbs moisture which in return will give you a midue and unclean feel.

There many to choose from depends on the customers need.  The thinest base will give you most natural look but the life spand is shorter do to the thiness.
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